Limitless Companion Guides : The Village of Farwater
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A sleepy village on the shore of a freshwater lake. - Shops, merchants, foes, allies, and plenty of adventure for your campaign. A great place to start any campaign.

Each product has Further Adventure™ hooks to aid in writing follow up quests, and an exclusive spell, monster, item, god, or optional rule that is previously unpublished.

This module included in: Limitless Encounters 2 Companion

Tags: Bandit Captain, Combat, Darla Lochborn, Gendle Broddlebock, Grace Sisters, Humanoid, Jonas The Reeve, Kent The Miller, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Lily Stoutfoot, Rhogar The Forge, Sister Zymera, Skill Challenge, Tavern Brawler, The Village Of Farwater

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