: Limitless Non Player Characters vol.1
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100 Fully detailed NPCs for your campaign - 100 Allies, Contacts/QuestGivers, Foes, and Merchants to expand your campaign world. Includes a handful of new magic items, spells, and other fun. Newly Revised!

Each product has Further Adventure™ hooks to aid in writing follow up quests, and an exclusive spell, monster, item, god, or optional rule that is previously unpublished.

Tags: Adela The Tree Tender, Albee The Awful, Anna Gil, Apprentice Mage, Archivist, Ariom, Demigoddess Of Undeath, Arken The Guildmaster, Arken The Guild Thief, Arken The King Of Shadows, Arken The Street Thief, Artou The Slender, Bandit, Barrus Splinterhelm, Basmallic The Redeemed, Beast, Beazel The Alchemist, Benero, Blood-on-Snow, Blood Hawk, Brash, Breen, Priestess Of Ardet, Brindle Bennet, Brother Forge, Brother Grys, Brother Jonis( Priest), Bumbles, Cap'n Squint, Carlock The Black Knight, Ceaseus The Shipwright, Cedric Coppertap( Doppelganger), Celestial, Combat, Cooper, Corrupted Elk, Cricket, Dardle Fuzzywit, Barber Surgeon, Dark Maub, Dark Warren, Deana Sootstreaked, Dell's Frog Familiar, Diseased Giant Rats, Dragon, Dragon Hunters, Drenner Proudforge, Elana Of House Rae, Elana The Outcast, Elana The Vengeful, Ella Brightshine, Fallion The Combat Engineer, Feral Gnoll, Fiend, Finnron, Forgotten, Gareth Wood, Ghoul, Giant, Giant Centipede, Giant Crab, Giant Crocodile, Giant Sea Horse, Gil The Alchemist, Gix Trill, Goblin, Gore Street Thug, Green Keth, Grinner, Grish The Roper Gourmand, Grokk, Gur Va Ru The Blooded, Gur Va Ru The Blooded Chief, Gur Va Ru The Blooded Thane, Gur Va Ru The Blooded Warlord, Handsome Henry, Heartwood, Helga Roundbottom, High Priest Smalldawn, Hrothgar Frostbeard, Hugo The Tinker, Humanoid, Hunter Shark, Ibris, First To Fall, Indigo, Jana The Falconer, Jellric The Soul Thief, Jib The Street Rat, Jono The Rake, Jorin The Ovenmaster, Jorn The Beggar, Jossa The Sea Priestess, Kel Gorhammer, Dwarven Woodsman, Kelvin The Nimble, Kennek( Sailor), Korr The Butcher, Krog, Lady Valinor De Sane, Level 1, Level 10, Level 11, Level 12, Level 13, Level 14, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8, Level 9, Lexi, Electrum Dragon Wyrmling, Limitless Non Player Characters Vol.1, Lord Dandre Kane, Madam Grey, Mako, Margold The Mage, Mavis( Songbird), Millicent The Illuminator, Mistress Gar, Monstrosity, Morning Rain's Thunder-Pegasus, Nevin Torn, Nyx, Ogre, Old Maggy, Oliver The Astute, Orc, Oswald The Arcane, Pel The Spellsword, Pickpocket Street Child, Pirate, Plant, Pockmark, Quentin Yerl, Role Play, Rough Rhonda, Rowan The Hermit, Ruby The Squirrel, Rumble Bluntaxe, Sam Gil, Sasha Wood, Selious Crane, Shortfin, Sigg The Silent, Sir Griffon Hardcourt, Sister Ibris, High Priestess, Sister Ibris, Priestess Of Healing, Sister Ibris, Traveling Healer, Skill Challenge, Skimmer, Snip(kobold), Sska-Mother Scale, Sunik Del, Swarm Of Undead Vermin, Tall Devin, Tavern Brawler, The Black, The Large Man( Spy), The Prince, The Tanner, Undead, Violet Fungus, Wild Child Bandit, Willa Thatcher, William Wind, Yanus Of The Many Faces( Succubus/ Incubus), Young Copper Dragon, Zizzrix, Zizzrix's Lizard Familiar, Zombie

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